Mission and Vision

Frontiers in Biological Sciences is an annual symposium organized to bridge the gap between the distinguished Iranian researchers working on the cutting edge of biology abroad and the scientist and students working here in Iran. Our goals in organizing such symposium are as follows:

  • Utilizing the vast community of Iranian scientists working on the frontiers of biology outside Iran, in order to introduce the latest research in biological sciences to the researchers in Iran.
  • Providing a venue for igniting further scientific collaboration between Iranian scientist working in Iran and those working abroad.
  • Enabling researcher working in Iran to present their findings during poster presentation sessions at the symposium. We hope that these sessions will illustrate the works being done in Iran and provide an opportunity for scientific investigators working in Iran to discuss scientific problems with and seek expert advice from the participants .

We hope that the continuation of this symposium help accelerate the growth of biological thought and, subsequently, the research on the frontiers of biology in Iran.